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What do you folks think of islamophobia or islam as a whole?

I'm up for discussion.
Yeah, so tomorrow, I will most likely release a journal on gender dysphoria.
Making a bit of a controversial journal now.

Just a bit of an update.
I was misunderstood by :SpinachCan: and :T0mee:

I hope if they (minding my pronouns) see this that I didn't mean to sound like a goof, and that I was mainly talking about hormone prescriptions and surgery.

Either way, I personally believe that the main decision to change should be made when a person is older, younger people have a tendency to make mistakes, so I just want them to make the best decisions for themselves.
I love the police and what they do for the country.
First, for your war proxy, make sure they are devoted to their collective ideologies and communism- wait... wrong type of proxy. Here, I'll start from the beginning.

A proxy is basically some kiddo who works under the anorexic, tall, albino man who sulks around in the woods. They're usually some sadistic teen with an unnecessarily tragic background story.

Creepy pastas
They are edge lord masochists who have little to no regard for life, because screw the system. They are loved universally and shipped for their, uhh... bright personalities? Or maybe it's because serial killers are kawai or something according to the new generation.

How to make them (step by step):
  1. So to start off making your character, they should be either male, female, some gender you found on Tumblr. Or even be without a gender to enhance their INDIVIDUALITY. Remember kids, individuality is the enemy of communism!
  2. Once you've selected a gender for your character, the next big step is to decide what you want them to look like. You must always remember to design your character's physical attributes before even touching their personality. This is important because it means that you can make your character as edgy as you want, without ever having to worry about if it makes sense or all that crap.
  3. A Proxy should usually look like a casual teen in a hoodie, and a creepypasta is also usually a loser in a hoodie (but can be more animalistic, like a lizard demon... in a hoodie). So you should start there. After you have the body and main clothing garments of the angsty teen you call a character, you are left with a variety of accessories you can add to him/her/it/someothercrap! There is blood, glowy eyes, nice hair, roughed up hair, rips in the clothing, hair dye, smudges or stains, wings, tails, animal parts, a scar you think looks badass but actually looks stupid, some sharp teeth, extra eyes to symbolize some shit, and anything else you really want to add. Just remember to make the character look like the most annoying, intolerable punk you'd ever lay your eyes upon, or like an animal in a hoodie.
  4. Once the physical attributes are all done, get onto making the personality. The personality can usually be one of three of four things: The "I hate everything including myself" personality, the "I hate everything NOT including myself" personality, the "I'm nice to you if you look at me the right way" personality, and the "I'm batshit crazy" personality. To stray away from any of these personalities would make your OC barely seem like a believable creepypasta or proxy.
  5. Now instead making any sense in the production of your OC, you are to base your backstory off of the character's personality, which is in turn based off of he/she/it/someothercrap's appearance (which would validate judging a book by its cover).
  6. The backstory should be just chosen based off of the character's personality and appearance, as explained above, meaning that if your character is someone who sadistically tortures people, it should all be explained in the backstory as "his daddy beat him as a kid", or as "he was bullied a lot". In short, explanations for the character's actions and personality should primarily be explained by a sad backstory or mental disorders. Make sure that if your character likes wearing yellow cloths, that you explain this is because of their abusive past and NOT because you're just a weirdo who likes making characters always wear certain colors.
Upload and aftermath
Once you finish all the steps, upload the pile of trash to deviantart and watch as you get showered with praise by twelve year olds because your character reminds them of the edgy fantasies they have before they go to bed!



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I see you debate a lot on your DA account, that's very admirable that you try to understand everyone's opinions and point of view to have a global view. Not many peoples have that talent (including I, sometimes, mostly because I'm too passionate).
It's always a good thing to have mediators like you who can bring us down from our high horses and make us calm down.
we need more people like you. 
WesleyLayden Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
Thanks dude! Really means a lot to me!
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Sorry about how much my writing I said, I will try harder next time and maybe add more violence, sound good? Still, thanks for the comments and thx for even reading it! Lol! :) XD
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Hehe. Ain't a problem.
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Awesome art is worthy of attention!
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